Adventures in Art

Welcome to the classroom of

Ms. Kristen Moak


Let the journey begin!


Welcome to Art! I am glad to have your young artists here in my classroom.  Art is a journey, an adventure that will take you to places you have never been before and help you rediscover places you have.  Together, we are going to learn about Art and Culture, while discovering more about ourselves. 

The Art projects that will be assigned to your children will focus on channeling self-expression while learning about artists, people, and places. Students will also learn the important role Art plays in our society and learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings through their work. Students' projects will be graded based on creativity, expression, and neatness.  Students will receive an S (Satisfactory), N (Needs Improvement or U (Unsatisfactory) in art each nine weeks.    

I am excited to lead your children through this adventure. While your children will be in my class, they will be encouraged to share their journey with you. Together we can ensure that the world continues to be filled with color and imagination.




Ms. Kristen Moak

Art Teacher