First grade is a foundational year for students.  We are learning lots of new things!  This year we will continue to implement Louisiana Student Standards to drive our curriculum.   Louisiana Student Standards is a state-wide set of objectives that will prepare students for success. 


Evaluation of Student Progress

Throughout the year your child will be evaluated to track his/her academic progress.  Graded tests provide valuable information that will be used to determine which students are succeeding and which may need extra help mastering skills.  Students will be assessed in ELA (English/Language Arts), Math, Science and Social Studies


Grading policies are set forth by the parish.   Each subject varies as to how many tests are given and what makes up the components of each subject. 


The grading percentages are as follows:


                           A       93 – 100

                           B       85 – 92

                           C       75 - 84

                           D       67 - 74

                           F       0 - 66


ELA –  Reading, Grammar, and Writing are counted as one complete subject.


Math - Math tests will make up 90% of your child’s Math grade. The other 10% of the grade will come from classroom participation/homework.   Tests will be given after each topic of a module.   Assessments will be based on the skills being taught throughout a module.  Check your child’s homework calendar for testing days.


Science, Social Studies, Handwriting  - These subjects will be assessed with a score of S (satisfactory), N (needs improvement), or U (unsatisfactory). 


Your child’s green test folder will go home every Wednesday.  Make sure to sign the parent signature page, review the tests with your child, and return the folder to school the next day with the test papers included.


Students will also be assessed 3 times a year with IReady and once a year with DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy Skills).






Homework should be completed daily. Parents are required to initial the homework calendar next to that day’s homework each night. We do not penalize for homework that is not done, but please understand it is in your child’s best interest to review skills every night.



Please initial your child’s behavior chart in his/her navy blue homework folder each day to ensure us that you are aware of your child’s behavior.  Please DO NOT REMOVE the behavior chart.  It needs to be returned in the folder each day.



If your child is absent, missed work will be sent home when your child returns unless you send someone to school during the day to pick it up. Students work on the same skills all week, so they will have many opportunities to practice.  Students are encouraged to complete homework when absent to keep up with daily skills taught. If a student is absent on a test day, the tests will be administered when the student returns to school.  Students are allowed to miss 10 days in a school year.  You are usually notified after 3 absences.  Tardiness also counts toward absences.  Any absence or tardiness requires documentation (excused absences - medical excuse or SJ2; or unexcused absence - handwritten note).


If you have any questions, you can contact us via email.  Our email addresses are listed below next to our name or you can call the office at 225-258-4700.  Regular first grade Paulina teachers have planning time Monday – Friday from 1:10 – 2:10. St. James Magnet first grade teachers have planning from 9:40 – 10:40. We are looking forward to working with you this year!