Welcome to Kindergarten

Paulina Elementary School

2018 - 2019


Mrs. Cindy Bourgeois

Mrs. Danielle Bourgeois

Mrs. Lauren Cortez

Mrs. Ashley Folse

Mrs. Lynesia Preyan-Raymond

Mrs. Telisha Stark



Arrival and Dismissal



The Paulina Elementary school day begins at 8:05.  If your child is eating breakfast at school please make sure to tell them to do so.  Also, make sure they arrive by 7:50 so they can finish their breakfast before the bell rings.  No child is permitted to be dropped off at school prior to 7:40.  If your child must be dropped off prior to 7:40, they must sign up for AM Care.  You can sign up for AM Care at the office.


The Paulina Elementary school day ends at 3:15.  Car Riders will be dismissed and then Bus Riders. If your child is a Car Rider, you MUST have a number for your car, which you can receive from the office, and you MUST stay in the Car Rider line.  No one is being allowed to park and walk to get their child.  We are looking out for the safety of our students!



Dressing for School


Your child MUST follow the Dress Code policy. Please refer to the Paulina Elementary School handbook for the rules that apply to this.  We ask that you please practice buttoning, zipping, tucking in shirts, tying shoes, etc. with your child.  The more independent the children are in these matters, the fewer interruptions we will have during instruction.  It is also recommended that you write your child’s name in their clothing for identification.


Description: Tag Clip Art            




Until permanent placement on buses has been completed we ask that you attach a nametag on your child’s shirt.  During the beginning of the school year, we ask that nametags be worn every day.  Eventually, a note will be sent home stating when your child does not have to wear their nametag daily.  The nametags should include the following:


  • Child’s name
  • Afternoon drop-off physical address (example: 4096 Belmont Lane)
  • Afternoon bus color/bus driver
  • Birthday
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) name
  • Home phone number/cell number(s)/emergency contacts
  • Any known allergies/medical conditions


    We have found that it is best to attach the nametag with a safety pin through a buttonhole on the front of the shirt/blouse preventing a possible hole in your child’s shirt/blouse.  Please remember if your child has a guardian, the nametag must contain information about the guardian.



    Money Sent to School


    Throughout the year Paulina Elementary collects money to support worthwhile causes.  Sometimes these events overlap with other events and for that reason it is very important that all envelopes are labeled to assist us in sending the monies to the correct place (office, cafeteria, etc.). Please send the correct amount of money. The teachers and the office are unable to make change. Please keep money separated.  Do not combine money with different funds (ex: combining lunch money with Spirit Shirt orders/Grandparent’s lunch/etc.).  Also, if your child has siblings attending PES, please separate the money for each grade level. Please do not bring money to the office. The office cannot accept any money. All money must be turned into the classroom teacher during homeroom.  Money will be submitted to the office by 9:00 am.  All monies sent to Paulina Elementary must be sent in an envelope and labeled as follows:


  • Child’s name
  • Teacher’s name
  • Amount of money
  • Reason for sending money



    Notes Sent to School


    Notes MUST be provided for the following reasons:

  • Absences/Illness (SJ2 Forms=1 per semester, 2 total per year)

    *no more than 10 unexcused absences for the year, please refer to the 

      Paulina Elementary School handbook for the rules that apply to this.

  • Early sign-out for doctor appointments
  • Different afternoon transportation 

-different afternoon transportation by bus must be approved by the 

 School District using a specific form

-different afternoon transportation by car must be accompanied by 

 a note sent to your child’s teacher




Snack Time

Students will be allowed to bring their own snack every day.  Students will eat their snack at approximately

10:30 am (because we have such a late lunch). Please note that parents are responsible for providing snacks for their ownchild.  Send the snack in your child's school bag on the days you wish for your child to have a snack.  Snacks should be nutritious and non-perishable.  Neither drinks nor candyare allowed.  If a utensil is needed, it must be brought from home.  Snack ideas include but are not limited to the following:  crackers, trail mix, nuts, dried cereal, snack cakes, cookies, jell-o, pudding, bananas, grapes, raisins, apples, applesauce, and fruit cups.  An individually measured (enclosed in a Ziploc bag)or wrapped portion is recommended.





Your child will eat their lunch in the cafeteria.  A monthly menu of hot lunches will be sent home. Your child may choose to eat school lunch or bring their own lunch.  If your child is bringing their own lunch, make sure it is items that they can open themselves and does not need chilling/warming.  Breakfast and lunch are free for all students this school year. 





If your child must take medications at school, a parent/guardian must sign a medical release form.  Please refer to the Paulina Elementary School handbook for the rules that apply to this.  Do not send 

non-prescription medicine to school in your child’s school bag. This includes peppermints, cough drops, Chap Stick, Aspirin, etc.




Navy Blue Communication Folder:

The blue folder is the Communication folder and it will be sent home daily.  Your child’s daily conduct sheet and weekly homework can be found in this folder. Please check blue folders DAILYfor any papers that may be sent home.  Examples of papers that may be sent home include PTO forms, calendars, memos, etc.

Green Folder:

The green folder is the Seatwork folder and it will be sent home periodically. The work your child completed at school can be found in this folder.  Please empty the folder out when it is sent home and return to school the following day.

Red Folder:

The red folder is the Signed Paper folder and it will be sent home after tests are graded.  Your child’s test results can be found in this folder.  Please review test results with your child, sign, and return to school the following day.




“remind” is a text messaging and email system.  Your child’s teacher may possibly use this system to send reminders.  If your child’s teacher will use this system, an information sheet with directions on how to sign-up for this system will be provided to you.





Report Card Testing:

Report Card testing occurs throughout the school year. Results of your child’s Report Card testing will be indicated on the Report Card using S’s, I’s, N’s, and U’s. S depicts Satisfactory (75%-100%), I depicts Improving, N depicts Needs Improvement (0%-74%), and U depicts Unsatisfactory (0%-74%).  Unsatisfactory will only be assigned at the end of Quarter 4 for skills that have not been mastered. 

i-READY Testing:

i-READY testing occurs three times during the year: beginning of the year (Fall), middle of the year (Winter), and end of the year (Spring).  Please visit the website,  You will find information about i-READY on this website.


DIBELS NEXT testing occurs at the beginning of the year. Please visit the website will find information about DIBELS NEXT on this website.





In order to have a conference with your child’s teacher, you MUST make an appointment through the office.  The office will provide you with the available times your child’s teacher can meet.





Kindergarten Project


Reading Stimulus Project:

The Reading Stimulus Project will begin in September and will end at the end of April.  On the front of a 

3 x 5 index card, write the numbers from 1 to 10.  On the back of the index card write the child’s name.  After reading a book/story to your child, write the name of the book/story on the index card.  When ten books are listed on the index card, send the index card(s) to school on a FRIDAY. Students will receive a sticker for every card sent to school.  At the end of the school year, if your child has five or more stickers (50 books read or more) they will be able to attend an ice cream party.  Also at the end of the school year during the Kindergarten Assembly, the top three readers from each classroom will be recognized.  In order to be eligible for the Top Three End of the Year Reading Awards your child must have listened to and/or read 100 books or more.



Internet Information


Please visit the following website for information: - Paulina Elementary 





Your child may celebrate their birthday at school.  If you will be sending treats, please do not send treats that have to be cut and served.  It is best to send treats that are individually prepared.  Treat ideas include but are not limited to the following: cupcakes, cookies, etc.  Please inform your child’s teacher ahead of time if you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school.  This will occur at the end of the day.  Do NOT send birthday invitations to be handed out at school.  





If you have any questions, please refer to the Paulina Elementary School handbook and/or the 

St. James Parish Student Policy Manuel for information. Also, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher at school, 225-258-4700.



We are looking forward to a GREAT year