Welcome to 3rd Grade at PES



             Welcome to a new and exciting year at PES. I am Mrs. Tiffany St. Germain and am looking forward to teaching your child Math.  This will be my 11th year teaching. Let’s all work together to make this a successful and memorable year.

             In the Third Grade Math class, workbooks are provided per topic. Students will be given the workbooks as we cover the topics. Students are responsible for bringing the workbook to class daily. It is highly suggested that the completed workbooks are kept at home to review skills for state testing. 


Folders will be used to organize the packets.  Please assist your child in keeping the folders neat and organized by taking out the notes, homework sheets, and newsletters after material has been tested.

Below are the folder colors with their assigned purposes.

Communication Folder Navy Blue – Contains newsletters from the office, PTO memos, monthly discipline forms, and weekly homework sheets.

Purple – This folder will be sent home every Wednesday with test papers. Please review test, sign the signature document, and return within two days.

Green – Math                 Red – ELA           Yellow – Social Studies/Science


               Homework will be issued daily.  Homework sheets will be given out every Monday and will be placed in the math folder. Students are responsible for making the changes on the homework sheet if needed. If students do not complete assignments it will be documented and you will be contacted if an excessive amount are missed.  Please remember that homework is a way to review skills and prepare your child for weekly tests and the state test. If students do not understand homework and you are unable to assist them, please write me a short note letting me know and I can reinforce the skill the next day. Math homework should not take any longer than 15 minutes to complete. I always tell my students “No tears” when it comes to homework. I do not want students to resent math due to frustration. J


Progress reports and final grades will be calculated by points that will convert into percentages. 


                Math- 90% tests (6 grades minimum) 10% homework     

 If a student is absent, the student is responsible for seeing the teacher for the work he/she missed.  Make-up work is located in a folder labeled “Make-up Work” and is located on the shelf.  Make-up work or test must be completed within three days of returning to school. Students can expect at least 1 math test per week. Test may fall on any day of the week. Students will know test dates in advanced. Please check homework sheet and my webpage for updated information.


              We will prepare students for state testing all year by teaching the Louisiana State Standards and by familiarizing them with the format of the test.  A letter will be sent home to inform you more about state testing decisions.


           Period 1 August 9-October 10

           Period 2 October 11-December 20

           Period 3 January 9-March 18

           Period 4 March 19-May 24



Behavior Policy:

              More learning takes place in a structured and well-disciplined classroom.   The Paulina Elementary’s School-Wide Discipline Plan will be strictly enforced in our classrooms.  The rules are as follows:  1.) I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.  2.) I will respect students and adults.  3.) I will respect the property of others.  4.) I will follow all directions given.  5.) I will be nice to everyone.  If a rule is broken more than once, a consequence will be issued according to the PES Policy Manual (please read when you receive).  You can check your child’s behavior daily by signing the discipline form in the yellow folder.  Rewards will be given daily, weekly, and monthly for those students who stay on a green card.



          Students are taught behavior expectations directly within the first week of school.  Rewards for following expectations include “student of the month” awards and “special” days (like crazy hair day, or dance party day…and more!) every two weeks.  Monthly good behavior is earned by having mostly “green” days, or up to 2 “yellow” days.  FUN DAY is a day of water-sliding for students who get “good behavior” awards for 5 months of the year, plus for May.  Consequences include “card changes” which cause loss of recess, calls home, or office referral for ISSP.  PES also has a specific dress code, for which there are consequences when violated.  A more thorough explanation can be found in the student handbook!


Money Collection:

           Workbook bills, forms for the office or teacher must be turned in first thing in the morning. If the student does not turn it in before 8:15, he/she will have to hold it until the next school day. Please send everything in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and what the envelope is for and have it in the yellow folder. When sending money to school, please send a check or the correct amount. We don’t keep cash in the classrooms or the office to give change.


EX: Tiffany St.Germain

       Workbook Bills







How can Parents stay informed and in touch?


Class DoJo – Class DoJo allows you to follow your child’s weekly progress score. Reminders are also posted often for you to read. I also share a a lot of pictures from class activities. Print outs are sent home with test papers on Wednesdays.


Class Webpage – Homework sheets are posted weekly on Mondays. The sheets can also be found in your child’s math folder.


                   In order for us to have a successful year, communication is essential. If you have questions/concerns or would like to schedule a conference with me, please call the school (225-258-4700) or email me. My planning time is 12:10-1:10


The information in this document is subject to change if needed.


Your Partner in Education,


                            Mrs. Tiffany St. Germain